Friends of Norfolk Dialect; keeping 'Broad Norfolk' alive
The Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND) was founded to conserve Norfolk's priceless linguistic heritage.

A FOND welcome to the wonderful Norfolk dialect
Welcome to the wonderful world of Norfolk dialect.

Meet Ted Peachment: chairman of FOND.


A brief history of FOND: formed in 1999
You may be interested to know that FOND was formed in 1999.

Speaking the Norfolk dialect
A TV drama series set in Norfolk, local people have been protesting about the low standard in speaking the local accent.

A glossary of Norfolk words
A vocabulary of dialect words.

Pronouncing Norfolk placenames
Pronouncing Norfolk placenames differently to the way they are spelled.

The Merry Mawkin
The Merry Mawkin, newsletter of the Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND).

Dick Bagnall-Oakley
Norfolk is not simply a word that describes a county, it also describes a language.

The vernacular
A few examples of Norfolk dialect in use.

Harvest time 1948
A nostalgic visit to Rookery Farm.

Norfolk dialect letter 1848
An article sent to the Eastern Daily Press.

The Boy Colin
The Boy Colin: We're bin orf agin.

Lost in Translation
The Norfolk schools dialect project.

Norfolk dialect books
Books written in the Norfolk dialect.

Become a member of FOND
Become a member of the Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND).

Some interesting links
For those of you who are keen on 'all things Norfolk' here are some interesting links.