Flint and thatch... sparkling rivers and broads, rolling fields and meadows, Norfolk is far from flat... popular seaside resorts and harbours - and rich in local colour and dialect.



Question 1: Who founded Norwich’s Maddermarket Theatre?

Answer: Nugent Monck.

Question 2: Who opened it?

Answer: W. B. Yeats.

Question 3: Which recent award-winning film was shot in and around Norwich?

Answer: Forty-five Years.

Question 4: What was Wighton Halt?

Answer: A request stop railway station.

Question 5: If you’ve been ‘higgling’ what have you been doing?

Answer: Bargaining.

Question 6: Which team did Norwich City beat in the first round of the F.A. Cup in the 1959 campaign?

Answer: Ilford.

Question 7: Which pub did Alan Breeze (Billy Cotton’s singer) keep?

Answer: Flixton Buck.

Question 8: What did Harry Cox and Sam Larner have in common?

Answer: They were both Norfolk folk singers.

Question 9: Where are the Carnegie Rooms?

Answer: Thetford.

Question 10: Where is the English Whisky Company?

Answer: Roudham.

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