Flint and thatch... sparkling rivers and broads, rolling fields and meadows, Norfolk is far from flat... popular seaside resorts and harbours - and rich in local colour and dialect.

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ARTER A FEW DAYS o the Spanish plewm, or whatsoever thass called, we seem t’be gittin back to the normal wather fur this time a year.

“Summa? Well, thass gorn, hent ut? Not that we're hed much onnit – apaart frum a few days when thass bin hoolly hot. Now that seem tme them thare ow mists an’ mellow wossnearmes are gittin' hare faast.

“Ony the other day, when I wuz a-gorn shoppin’ fust thing, that ow mist wuz risin orf the filds. Them ow cows seem toer lorst their legs innit anorl!

“This mornin’, as I sit hare writin’ my report f’the ortum edishun a this hare website, lookun on outta my winda thass a north wind a-blownin’. The sign a things t’cum, I spooz.”



Taking advantage of the nice weather, one Sunday afternoon I set off on my motorcycle to take some photographs for The Merry Mawkin, especially on the look out for a back cover subject.

As I had been working on an article in the autumn issue relating to the south Norfolk village of Shotesham [Shotsum], I decided to go there.

I found the pretty little village, overlooking the River Tas, most photogenic, with its thatched cottages looking like they'd come off the lid of a box of Caleys’ chocolates!

Then, venturing off the beaten track, I discovered an unbridged ford – riding through and getting my feet wet – then parked the bike and photographed the wonderful view across the meadows.

And here it is (above), though I don’t reckon that old gate would do much to hold back the water, do you?


According to what it says on the above picture, FOND has been in existence since 1999 – October 3rd, to be precise – and, here we are, almost sixteen years later, and FOND is still going strong and attracting much interest, especially on this website, through which most of our new memberships are gained. So if you’d like to join us, you’ll find a membership form on this website. We’d love to hear from you as: FOND needs you!


As our chairman, Ted Peachment, has said in his report, to comply with the terms of the FOND constitution, he will stand down at the AGM in November, having almost completed his three-year term in office.

Apart from having been a most popular chairman, Ted is also a good friend of mine. He’s done much to promote FOND, during his time in office, including, as some of you may know, appearing with Penelope Keith in ‘Hidden Villages’ on More4, where he managed to teach the ‘Good Life’ star a few Norfolk phrases. Hidden Villages continues to be screened, repeated on other channels from time to time.

Ted has also put in appearances on local television, Mustard TV, with ‘Diction Corner’, in which he shares various aspects on Norfolk dialect with the viewers, and continues to do so.

So, on behalf of all of us here in FOND, I would like to thank Ted for everything he’s done over the years – and no doubt will continue to do in the future – in promoting The Friends of Norfolk Dialect (FOND) and helping to preserve our local tongue. “Dew yew tearke care, ow paartner!”

Ashley Gray FOND Webmaster (aka Boy Albie)

  Please leave your comments or any questions in the FOND Guestbook – as we’d like to hear from yew, tergether!


Lost in Translation; read about the Norfolk Schools Dialect Project.

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