Flint and thatch... sparkling rivers and broads, rolling fields and meadows, Norfolk is far from flat... popular seaside resorts and harbours - and rich in local colour and dialect.

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Boy Colin  


D’YER KNOW Oi believe th’ow warld is upside down sometoimes. Dew Oi look outside at the garden thare’s geraniums from last yare still in blume alongside o’ daffodils just brearkin’ inter loife.

Oi dun’t spuz we’re got a Ministry of Weather, dew we could put the blearme on them. Still we’re gotta be thankful hare in Norfolk, when yew see what other parts o’ the country hev had ter put up with ’gards to floods a’washin’ things away and a’muckin’ up peoples houses and loives.

Then them folks over in ’Merica had a load o’ snow ter put up with last week. (Just you think Oi’m a’gorn loopy Oi shud tell yer that Oi’m writin’ this hare at the end of Jan’ry. Ashley hev bin on moi barrer ter get suffin’ dun in good toime!)

Hoop yew orl hed a good toime over Christmas. Gal June and me spent toime with orl our family, which was werry noice. Leastways June din’t hatter dew na cooking which pleased har.

Every Christmas wot cum ’round moi moind ollus go back ter 1950 and 1951 when Oi wuz in Jarmany in the Air Force. We hed a smashing toime ’speshully on Christmas Day when the orfficers and sargents dished our grub up for us. Bein’ up in North Jarmany meant we hed snow over Christmas, which med evrawhere look loike a Christmas card.

Fer Christmas 1951 Oi spent a bit o’ toime with a Jarman family seein’s Oi wuz gorn out wi’ thare daughter. They hed a hard loife at that toime.The house they lived in wuz the ony one left standin’ on thare street ’corse the RAF hed knocked the rest onnem down.

Oi ’member hevin’ moi tea with ’em on Christmas Day. They dished me up wi’ ham, taters and pickled cabbage – not very festive yew moight think but thass orl they hed. Over December and January thare wuz a grit ow fair, which they called the Dom, set up in the St Pauli district, and me and the gal Waltraud spent a few noights thare. Dew yew know every toime Oi get a whiff of cigar smoke and sausages cookin’ that bring back those dears.

Another Christmas Day wot stick out in moi moind was when Oi decided ter hop on the bus tearkin’ Dereham football team over ter play at Wymondham. Oi han’t told moi parents where Oi wuz a’goin’. Little did Oi realise that, arter the gearme, the team took themselves orf tew the pub. Oi din’t get hoom till the middle o’ the arternoon. Cor, blarst, din’t moi mother and father hev a go at me. Howsomever, they had kept moi dinner hot for me.

Now the New Yare is hare and, afore yew kin say Jack Robinson, that’ll be spring with us agin. Evenings are drawing out a bit and thass still fairly moild so we shell hev ter keep our fingers crorst that we’re broke the back o’ winter.

Hare yew go tergether – salary supe is on the tearble. Belearted wishes fer a Happy New Yare.

Here yew goo tergether,


Time to test your local knowledge

Question 1: Who founded Norwich’s Maddermarket Theatre?

Question 2: Who opened it?

Question 3: Which recent award-winning film was shot in and around Norwich?

Question 4: What was Wighton Halt?

Question 5: If you’ve been ‘higgling’ what have you been doing?

Question 6: Which team did Norwich City beat in the first round of the F.A. Cup in the 1959 campaign?

Question 7: Which pub did Alan Breeze (Billy Cotton’s singer) keep?

Question 8: What did Harry Cox and Sam Larner have in common?

Question 9: Where are the Carnegie Rooms?

Question 10: Where is the English Whisky Company?

How did you do? Click here to find out!

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Lost in Translation; read about the Norfolk Schools Dialect Project.

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